Grout Renewal

Our house is old, built in 1949. It is like an older bungalow style home. This is what it looked like when we bought it.

3 months after buying the house we had a big hail storm. Our home owners insurance covered new siding. So we ended up getting to change the color.

The people that owned it before us made a lot of changes to it. One of their not wisest ones was putting in this ugly basic tan large tile. The grout used to be a sand color but thanks to the renters before us and their dogs it has been ugly ever sense. No matter what I did bleach, scrub on my hands & knees, and wash this tile nothing seemed to make it look any better. Our house is half this tile & half original hardwood floors. Ideally I would LOVE the wood looking tile, but I don’t want to go through the trouble of getting this tile up.

This is how bad they looked.

My Nana found this at Home Depot and used it on her grout at her house. While visiting her, she told me about it and how easy it was to use! I bought it as soon as I got home from visiting her. GroutRenew which cost about $13 after tax at Home Depot, the color I choose was Bright White.

Or you can buy it on Amazon here.

I just did a section at a time. This is such a tedious task. I thought I could get it done a lot faster than I did. But it took me about a week to do the large section of my kitchen and back area of tile.

I ended up using a small paint brush and just brushed it on slowly. Then I’d come back with a damp cloth and clean up the sides. It says to let it dry 24 hours before walking on, but honestly I didn’t have that kind of time at my house. I did a little every night before bed. So it probably got 8-10 hours to dry. But some days I’d do a little during the day and block it off if I could. I think it really dried in about two hours. It also says wait 72 hours before you mop/wash your floors.


The results are amazing! The white grout makes the tile look so much better and lighter. I’m so glad I tried this before going through the hassle of replacing the tile. I just wish I did this sooner! I did this about 3 weeks ago and I’ve washed my floors a few times since then & so far the paint hasn’t budged.

Have you ever tried anything like this before? Let me know what you guys think!

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