Landon’s Wild One First Birthday Party

Landon’s First Birthday Party was such a success! We decided to go with the Wild One theme from Where the Wild Things Are. We mostly had just family and a few friends, we didn’t want Landon to be too overwhelmed. But he did great & was smiley the whole time! I ended up making most of the decorations myself with so much help thanks to Pinterest & other blogs.

I made his invitations and I sell them on Etsy. Click here to order them!

The Food: I kept it simple. The party was at 2:00 PM so I mostly served snacks. I made cheese balls using this recipe from the Galley Gourmet. Everyone loved it! It ended up making enough for two cheese balls and I covered one in Parsley and the other in Dill. I sat out crackers and rolls. We also had carrots & broccoli with a yogurt ranch dip I bought at the store. Of course I had to do the iconic watermelon boat to hint more to the book. I had also bought turkey and ham pinwheels, but forgot to sit them out. Party can be overwhelming, try to keep the food simple is my new motto!

The Dessert: I kept that simple as well. I made 4 mini cakes using tart pans & each cake said different things like “Wild One” “1” & “Landon” . I also made about 12 sugar cookies using a crown cookie cutter . I decorated them with yellow icing and black decorating gel.

The Drinks: We put out “Rumpus Water” & “Wild Lemonade” in the beverage dispensers. But we also had beer available in our cooler for the of age folks.

The Goodiebags: I bought brown paper lunch sacks and printed out this little saying and glued it the bags. With it being a one year olds birthday I had no idea what to put in the bags & ended up waiting till last minute to decide! Most of the kids who ended up coming were older. I put bubbles in the bag that said “For Taming Wild Beasts!” I also got hubby to pick up some stuff at Party City that included Rock Candy, Monster Tattoos, & Monster Keychains. I could’ve thought of better stuff for the goodie bags but put this off.


By the goodie bags, near the door, I also had the Where the Wild Things Are book displayed and wrote a note saying, “Write a note or sign your name so our Wild 1 will know you came”. This book is a great memory for Landon of his party.

For the party I made several banners. The first one I made was the highchair banner. I had never made one before, but I’m happy with the way it turned out!

I also made a banner that said A WILD ONE with crowns. Below that I included pictures from his first 12 months, even his first sonogram picture.

I made t-shirts by using iron on transfer paper that you can purchase here. I was really happy with the way they turned out.

I got this cute yellow crown off Amazon and you can purchase it here. It is super soft and easy to get on his head.

I also made this milestone poster to kind of match his invitations. You can purchase it on my Etsy account here.


We had such a good time & everyone thought everything was so cute! It is never perfect of course, but I’m beyond happy with how the party turned out!

Less than a month till Nolan’s 7th Birthday so its already time to plan his Birthday Party! Good luck in your party planning!


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