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I try to get my family to eat mostly organic, at least when it is in my control. My hubby doesn’t always agree with me about it, but I like to think of it as saving us money in the long run from cancer treatments and such. GMO free is the way to be! But thats for another post, another time!

Anyway, I have been wanting to try a meal delivery service. So I started looking some up. I found Green Chef while doing my Google search. Apparently right now, they are the only organic meal delivery service. Like I said earlier, feeding my family organic food is what I strive to do everyday.

I went to their website multiple times debating on trying it, finally they had a promo on their website “First box free, just pay shipping”. I figured that was probably the best deal I could get, so I signed up for delivery on Friday for two meals a week for the Family of Four plan. The shipping itself was only $9, so well worth it to try it out.

Now it showed me when I signed up that after the first week it would be $112. Thats two meals for a family of four. Not the cheapest meal delivery service!

My box arrived early afternoon on Friday. It was packed perfectly. It came with several reusable ice packs to make sure everything stays cold, which it was. It even came with recyclable insulation that can be used for compost.

The two different meals had their own different colored labels, easily being able to tell what went with which particular recipe.

This was all the ingredients for two meals for a family of four.

The label on both of the meat packages says it can be refrigerated for up to 7 days days, after that it needs to be put in the freezer. After just a couple days the Kale was already bad and I had to go by some to make the second meal. Everything else was completely fine.

The first recipe I made was the Sweet & Sour Pork. I liked this one better than the second recipe I made, the Chicken Cassoulet.

These recipes are not only organic, but they are healthy choices. Despite coming with herbs, they still don’t seem to flavorful to me or my family. I think in a way that is good for people that don’t like spices or have a more sensitive palette. Also you could always add more spice to the recipes.


The meals don’t take that long to cook the first one was 35 minutes and the second was 45 minutes.

Each dish came with a salad and a main course.

The Chicken Cassoulet is the other meal I received. I didn’t really take any pictures of that meal.


I love that I don’t have to sit & think of recipes, they do the thinking for me.
It’s organic!
It’s healthy & nutritious for my family.
After the first box, two meals for a family of four is $112/ week.
Not very flavorful.

Overall: I think if you were to not eat out for two days a week and treat this as your two going out meals, obviously it would be better for you, but it could even save you some money. If it is something you can afford, then I recommend it for you for the long run. But even if it is not something you can afford you should at least give it a try, as long as you cancel 7 days before the second box ships, you won’t get charged for the second box which costs a lot more.

If you haven’t tried Green Chef yet, if you use this link it will give you four meals for free.


Disclosure: I am in no  way affiliated with Green Chef & I was not payed by them to do this review. I found a coupon on there site for first time users to get their first box free and all you had to do was pay for shipping which was $9.

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