Spray Painted Hinges




I’ve done SO many things to my kitchen. It’s become exhausting. I’m really ready to step back & take a break from it. After completing this project I’m just going to enjoy it, at least for a little while.

Over the Holidays I decided I was finally ready to update the hardware in our kitchen. I had already updated our kitchen faucet to this neat Nickel industrial faucet. I I was ready for it all to match and to get rid of the bronze. So I found these great handles from Amazon. They have made my kitchen so much more modern, I love them! They are heavy and don’t feel cheap at all.

But once I started looking at buying enough hinges to replace the bronze ones I had, I realized I was looking at spending too much money that I couldn’t really afford after the holidays. So I figured I’d give spray painting them a try.



I used the Rust-Oleum Clean Metal Primer and the Rust-Oleum Metallic Satin Nickel Spray Paint. 

After I removed the hinges, I tried to get off as much excess white paint off that I could. I lightly sanded the hinges and dusted them off. Then I sprayed them with the primer.

After I let the primer dry, I spray painted on the Satin Nickel. I ended up spray painting on matte Polyurethane, just to add to making sure they held up better.

I also had to spray paint the tops of the screws. 

I’m quite happy with them! It’s been two weeks since I’ve put them on and they are holding up very well. This saved us some serious $$$. I promise to update again, once its been a few months with how well they are holding up.


Our Kitchen has come a long way! I still want to upgrade our appliances to Stainless Steel and I have got to figure out how to fix the area around our microwave. It use to be built in, but that one went out. Eventually I want a microwave over the stovetop and turn the area by the microwave into a coffee area. But thats probably a long way away! I’m just going to enjoy this for now. Here’s a before and after of where it was when we first bought it and how it looks now.

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