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It’s a new year & I’m super ready for new projects! I just finished this one in time to go back to work from our Christmas break. DH and I had those terrible Ikea Malm Dressers that were recalled, so we needed a new dresser to take their place. I found this one on FB Marketplace for $40 and I was in love! I knew we could redo this one and bring out its beauty! And the dimensions happen to be perfect for our VERY small area we needed it to fit in.

I love furniture with legs! Mod, retro, wood pieces are what I’m always looking for. 

Can you believe the paper inside these drawers?! Very 70s. I couldn’t get it out, but also I can’t say I tried hard enough to get it out. I just painted over it after trying to get it out of one drawer.

The paneling on the sides of the dresser were really messed up. We ended up having to pry it off with a pry bar. We had to replace it with thin sanded plywood and cut it to the dimensions of the sides. We used finishing nails and wood glue to get it on.


My sweet husband sanded down the dresser and lightly sanded the drawers, because of the ugly laminate, the wood underneath the drawers did not look so good. So we ended up leaving the laminate on there.




This is what I used for the dresser. All of these items were purchased at Walmart. I used White Waverly Chalkpaint to paint the dresser. This was actually my first time using Chalkpaint and I only had to do two coats of the white chalk paint to cover it and it was only $10. I didn’t use the wax like most people do for the the final coat, instead I spray painted satin polyurethane on it for my finish. Knowing my family, this dresser will need a tough finish on it because of where this dresser will be placed and I expect it to take quite a beating from us. 

I filled in where I needed to with wood filler. 

We used the clamps for the wood glue to hold our new sides of the dresser in place.

Once the wood filler dried I  lightly sanded it to make it smooth and even on the dresser. I then primed it with Kilz spray paint and let that dry. Then I painted the dresser with the white Waverly chalk paint.

After I let the chalk paint dry overnight, because at that point it was like 11 and this Mama was tired, the next morning I sprayed on the satin Polyurethane and let that dry for a few hours. Then I finally got to move into our bedroom!

Here it is in our small master bedroom, it fits perfect in the spot I need it too. That door there, will eventually be sliding barn doors to our master bathroom! I can’t wait! It’s just like me to finish one project and already have the next 10 planned out in my head! I’m sure my sweet husband will be thrilled.


All in all I’m so happy with this! We ended up spray painting the handles as our temporary fix until we buy our new ones. Let me know if y’all have any questions on what I did. 

2 thoughts on “Dresser Makeover

  • January 6, 2017 at 3:02 AM

    That turned out really cute!!

    • January 6, 2017 at 4:51 AM

      Thank you!


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