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It’s been a wonderful four years since Eli and I had our wedding and I still love everything about that day. It was perfect and excellently executed. A lot of work and time was put into our special day. We planned for a year. I made many of the items myself and my family helped with so many things as well. Our wedding itself was at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens and our reception was in my mother’s backyard. I had never been closely involved in planning a wedding before my own, so I had NO IDEA how fast small things add up. Our family contributed what they could help with but we still had to pay quite a bit ourselves. When people say weddings are expensive, trust me they aren’t kidding!

We decided to make it by writing our own vows. We ended up wanting to follow the same format so we wrote them together.

Alexys Gabrielle Ruehmann
I vow to you that I will be there when you need me most.
I vow to be your best friend until the end.
I vow to take care of you when you are ill.
I vow to listen when you need my ears.
I vow to be the best father I can be.
I vow to give my compassion when you are down.
And I vow to pick you back up again.
I vow to give you my heart and love you for the rest of our lives.
I love you.

Christopher Elias Huff
I vow to love you with my whole being.
I vow to take care of you and your war wounds from cars.
I vow to put you and Nolan before everything.
I vow to make you smile after you have had a bad day.
I vow to always have your back even when you’re wrong.
I vow to be there, right by your side, when the going gets tough.
I vow to be your best friend and be thankful everyday that you married me.
I vow to love you until forever stops.
I love you.


I also made all the invitations and the wedding programs. I used Vistaprint to upload the documents and print them. If you haven’t used Vistaprint before, I love them! They are so much more affordable than most print companies and they always have good promos.



This was our wedding budget and what we spent on everything, to give you an idea.

We had about 50 wedding guests.

Wedding Venue: $350

Chair rental at Wedding: $5/chair = $250

Photography: $500

Videography: $500

Officiant: $100


Bride’s Dress: $300

Brides Shoes: Heels: $35 Toms: Already had

Groom’s Suit: $150 from H&M

Groom’s Shoes: $55 Toms

Alterations: $150

Invitations: $60

Stamps: $25

Wedding Programs: $5 printed from home, had to buy cardstock.

Flowers: $150 for 100 stems of white ranunculus from fiftyflowers.com

Candle Favors: $30 Candle wax, vanilla scent, and we put them in baby food jars that I had saved.

Sparklers: $46 We got these.

Custom Matches: $25 bought on the theknot.com

Food: $200

Drinks: $200 liquor, beer, wine, & soda

Cake: $150 for 50 servings

Reception table & Chairs rental: $350 8 tables and 50 chairs for the day

Table napkins & Table Cloths: about $100 We had 8 tables and needed at least 50 napkins. We used linentablecloth.com

Plates: $50 We bought eco friendly white square paper plates.Just like these on Amazon.

Silver wear: $0 My grandmother brought some vintage silverwear she had inherited and we used that.

Glasses: $55 We bought 50 wine glasses at Dollar Tree

Total Spent: $3,586


For more ideas to help you save money on your wedding check out my blog post 12 Ways to Save Money on your Wedding.

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