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I LOVE Halloween! Candy, costumes, and scary movies, whats a girl not to love! My friend McKaye had a similar sign on her mantel that she had done with her son’s feet, so I asked her if I could steal her idea and luckily she was fine with it. I ended up having to do this twice due to Landon not wanting to keep his feet still and making it look like a long blob of a foot.So this ended up being the better side!

Items needed to make this sign:
Scrap wood
Black Paint
Orange Paint

First I lightly painted the wood orange, I still wanted the grain of the wood to be seen. If you don’t have scrap wood, you could always use a heavy card stock or a piece of cardboard. I used wood because I wanted to put it on our front porch.

Second I used the black paint for the words “TRiCK or TREAT SMELL MY FEET”. I freehanded the writing but you could also use a stencil to make it more uniform.

Then finally we got to the fun part of painting my son’s feet, one foot at a time. Nolan being six now, just thought it tickled. Landon being two months old just kept moving his little feet. I didn’t even think it would be hard to do his, but boy was I wrong. He did not want to keep his feet flat at all to be placed onto the wood. Luckily the second time looked a lot better, because I got hubby to help by holding the wood up to his feet, instead of me putting his feet down to the wood.

This is a super cute and easy sign to make with your kids! It can be a fun halloween activity for them, that doesn’t involve the pumpkin mess. I’d love to hear about the Halloween crafts you guys are making at home!





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  • October 9, 2016 at 4:00 AM

    This is an adorable idea!


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